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Mobile Services
20GB Plan

$3,200.00 +GCT/mo

20GB Data

20GB of Data

Unlimited text

Unlimited Anywhere Local Calls + Texts

Unlimited / Anywhere Local Calls + Text

Unlimited / Anywhere Local Calls + Text

100 Digicel Minutes + Text

100 Digicel Minutes + Text

Unlimited Social media

Unlimited Social media

500 mb roaming data

Includes 500 mb roaming data

Unlimited Youtube

Unlimited Youtube

Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies to all unlimited talk and data plans.  Click Here...
Why limit yourself? Get unlimited calls and worry-free roaming when you switch


The first network to bring you Unlimited Local Calls & Texts Unlimited Social Unlimited YouTube, Now brings you Unlimited Data.
Do more with unlimited data plus roaming benefits.

Always On-Data

Yes! (stay connected at 2G after primary data runs out)

Unlimited Data

First to bring you Unlimited Data on selected plans

Unlimited YouTube

Watch & share your YouTube favourites

Text Message Benefits

Unlimited Anywhere Local Texts, no catch!

Roaming (USA, Canada, UK)

FREE incoming calls, and an allotment of roaming data

Social Media Benefits

First to launch SWIFT benefit. (Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Voice Benefit

First to bring you Unlimited Anywhere Local Calls, no catch!
The best part is that when you switch to Flow you get all this and you also keep your number!


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